Crossing Color

Basic Color As Visual Art

The first defect absorbed in a culture of saturation is the incapacity to register minutiae. Standing firmly in contrast to this motion, Crossing Color returns homage to simple phenomena. To capture the electric potential in bold geometry is the audacity of its simple boxes. Its lucid arrangement lifts up the conflicting colors to meet the gaze. Intersecting blues, reds, and yellows fight for dominance while simultaneously frozen on canvas, creating the paradox of kinetic energy rising from static objects.

From the divergent colors rises a new secondary color. Then the transparency erupts into the two original colors. At once a yellow supersedes a red and is immediately thrust below as yellow recaptures the surface. The fragmented pieces of this body of work allow it to be seen in four ways according to the viewer's preference: twelve individual paintings, a set of four triptychs, juxtaposed with similar colored backgrounds, and mixed and matched. This exploration is not arbitrary but essential to the concept of the piece. By exploring the variance of such subtle structure, the viewer is exploring the impact of subtlety on their senses.

The viewer is able to tune into the whisper of the boxes. Any curious party may play with their arrangement, making the enormously bold shapes kaleidoscopically interactive. A curator or potential buyer may select the order in which they are bombarded by color. Once the canvases are sufficiently arranged, a boom of heavy bodied acrylic paint drum out from the design of each box as the eye glides from one painting to another. From this typical arrangement an extraordinary alliance explodes.

Blue Crossing Yellow in Red - 24x24inches Red Crossing Blue in Yellow - 24x24inches Yellow Crossing Red in Blue - 24x24inches

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