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Chasz Rainsford believes in connecting creativity and technology. Throughout his career he has merged his skill sets into a combination of Art Direction, Design and Development. His desire is fun and creative projects that build the Internet.

My passion is surfing and I tend to live the surfer lifestyle. My home is in Ocean City, NJ, just a few blocks from the beach. I have a Black Lab named Luke and we both lead an active life. I enjoy reading and listening to Eastern Philosophies, astronomy, science, painting, swimming, yoga and running. I have accomplished two Philadelphia Marathons and multiple Broad Street Runs. I believe that ego doesn’t exist and we all play a role in life. To quote Alan Watts: “The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention.”

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I hope you enjoyed looking at my work. I am passionate about connecting with interesting and creative people. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.